Playa Larga

Playa Larga is a tourist zone of the Ciénaga de Zapata municipality of the province Matanzas. Located South, at Zapata’s Peninsula, where one of the ranking ecosystems finds itself in Cuba and the insular Carib’s more extensive humedal. This zone of beach contains one attraction tourist special for diving and skin diving, enjoying an ample marine fauna that includes corals and exotic fishes.

The deep caverns that south, the ones that waters vary of being sweets on the surface to become salty in his depths are another attraction of Zapata’s Marsh.

The attraction of Guamá, tourist center placed in between the Lagoon of the Treasure with cabins, discotheque and restaurant. This tourist complex they are constructed on piles within the lagoon and united for bridges, tightly next to the reply of a village taína ( ancient inhabitants aborigines Cubans ) in which numerous sculptures can be seen next to the guano huts to normal size of aborigines accomplishing various quotidian tasks ( Rita Longa acts of the sculptress ) and the fact that they recreate the life here in a right now distant past.

The long beach has a historic value to be located at Cochinos’s Bay, place where they unloaded the ships that were coming to for the invasion Cuba from ship for an army of men, layouts and once 1961 were trained by United States Of America, in the year. This known fact like Playa Girón’s invasion culminated in a victory for the army and Cubans militias .