Snorkel & Diving

Scuba diving and Snorkeling in the Caribbean. For over 40 Km to I deliver it of all the seaboard of the Bay of Pigs and without need of boats for the proximity of the slope, can dive to him at open sea or at caves inundated of the system espeleolacustre and appreciating the diversity and well-preserved flora and fauna marine in Playa Larga’s, Playa Girón’s and Caleta Buena’s international centers of diving. Always the issued a certificate to instructors include the immersions.
The natural exceptional conditions and the biodiversidad of reefs make of the geography’s this point I join Cuban of improve them of the country for diving and the recreational snokeling.
The Bay consists of diving distributed by all the coast with 11 points East and gastronomic service personalized, with offers of marine food at Cueva’s restaurants of weigh them, Punta Perdiz and Caleta Buena.