Ciénaga de Zapata

La Ciénaga de Zapata, placed South of Matanzas’s province, 520000 Ha’s extension, limiting with to the north Jagüey Grande’s municipality possesses, East with Cienfuegos’s province, West with Unión’s municipality of Reyes and South with the Caribbean Sea. This humedal, the Carib’s principal, understand 228 224 Ha of areas of forest and 147 976 Ha are marshlands, besides he has 184 Km. of coasts, standing out like principal geographic accidents the one belonging to the Bay of Cochinos and the Inlet of the Broa. He constitutes an important natural region, for his biodiversidad, so much for his flora like for his fauna and the hydric resources that he possesses . For such reasons the Been Cuban, he considered her by means of Decreto – Ley 197, Zona Especial for Development Sostenible and The UNESCO, I grant him the back-up category of the Biosphere ( 2000 ). Just the same the Convención Ramsar for Humedales, I grant him Sitio Ramsar’s category ( Year 2001 ), to be a Humedal of Importance Internacional.

At present Patrimonio Natural’s category of humanity and to obtain it is  requested one of pocas would be natural areas of the world than so present tall recognitions where he predominates, the natural riches, his endemismo, exclusivity of several species, the history that he shows, culture and the grade of conservation.